Since 1993, the brand name TELESTAR stands for reliability and the highest quality with an optimum price-performance ratio. Located in Germanys beautiful Vulkaneifel region, TELESTAR develops, produces and distributes high-quality equipment for the reception of digital TV via satellite (DVB-S), cable (DVB-C) and terrestrial transmission (DVB-T/T2).The company’s product portfolio includes digital set-top boxes, new generation TV sets as well as modern distribution and unicable technology, Sat-to-Ip solutions and systems for digital radio transmission. TELESTAR’s product spectrum is completed by an impressive range of well-designed accessories for the reception of digital television.

Over the course of more than 25 years of company development, several brands have been successfully established on the market. Besides TELESTAR, the brand portfolio includes TelSKY and IMPERIAL (DigitalBOX), whose product portfolios expand the existing range by adding set-top boxes, reception technology and accessories at entry price level as well as digital radios and Bluetooth products (speakers, headphones etc.). By the middle of 2016, TELESTAR has added the brand Revo to its portfolio, now being able to offer exclusive high quality internet radio and DAB+ radios in high price segment.

“TROTTY” is TELESTAR’s brand name for our own range of e-scooters and ride-ons. We offer a wide range of different models, featuring covering different price ranges. in addition to that, TELESTAR sells e-scooters, skateboards and ride-ons produced by the well-known US brand Razor.

In the beginning of 2019, TELESTAR has started the exclusive distribution of high quality projectors branded with Philips (for Germany). The Philips product portfolio covers mobile and stationary projectors featuring several characteristics and price ranges.

The product and brand portfolio is completed by inolight. under that brand, TELESTAR sells a range of high quality plasma lighters. These lighters do not use any form of fossil fuels and are therefor very eco-efficient. The inolight plasma lighters have been designed to be very versatile, electrically powering a plasma arc which is hot enough to light up candles, cigarettes or grills . highly efficient and ressource-friendly thanks to Li-Ion battery technology.

Regarding the technical development and production of our goods, TELESTAR consistently relies on Germany as an industrial location: here, both hardware and software of all our products are continuously developed up to production and series maturity. Furthermore, the STARSWITCH multiswitches and SCR/TELEPRO unicable systems, are exclusively produced in Germany. The high quality of manufacturing in combination with consumer-friendly prices has been awarded with an impressive number of trade-publication awards.

In the process of developing our products, we focus on material quality as well as user-friendliness. TELESTAR and IMPERIAL devices are equipped with several features that keep the handling of these products as simple as possible. Versatility is coupled with usability, making our set-top-boxes and radios the ideal everyday-companions.

Despite the permanent presence of market pressure in the fast-moving business of consumer electronics, TELESTAR, as a company, is aware of its special social and ecological responsibility. Being both training company and member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Koblenz, we are committed to provide a basic vocational qualification for young people for different professions.

Besides the responsible handling of our employees, where tolerance and gender equality is of most importance, we also support fairness in the relationship with our international partners. As amfori member, we do our utmost to grant a fair distribution of the added value as well as the protection of employment rights while producing our goods.
Furthermore, TELESTAR is actively involved in the process of inclusion of people with physical and mental disabilities by closely cooperating with local care services and workshops, e.g. Westeifelwerke Gerolstein or Caritas St. Raphael, Ulmen.

During the production and shipping processes of our goods, we make every effort to use as less as possible ressources and to produce as less as possible emissions- because, after all, climate protection affects all of us! In 2018, TELESTAR was able to save over 150.000 kgs of greenhouse gases by using cross-material recycling measures, which roughly corresponds to the CO2-emission produced by a car, driving a distance of about 1.000.000 kilometres (ONE MILLION!!!) (about 25x the circumference of the earth). We are looking forward to continue the economical use of resources and the protection of the environment.